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Why 100% Free Dating Site Is Not Always a Good Choice?

Lack of Support
Most of the free dating sites does not provide support to members. So nothing you can do when you can't use the features of the website i.e. upload photo, contact members.

Accounts Deleted / Removed Without Warning
Some free dating sites are known for deleting accounts without warning. Customer support simply won't respond when you ask them to reinstate your account.

No Security / Hijacked Account
There is no real security for some dating sites. Hackers hack the accounts on there, and then they hijack personal (and already active) email accounts, in order to send out phish.

No Privacy
Don't get surprised if one day your profile is searchable on Google. You have no privacy at all. Imagine all your private information are being displayed i.e telephone number, email, name, etc . What's worse is that Google caches the pages it crawls, so even if you delete your personal account, it will stay on Google for ages. The free dating site support (if they even exist) will simply ignored your issue if you make a complaint to them.

Full of Ads
You can see the ads popup every where in some personal dating site claimed as "Totally Free Dating" site. Usually they only care about their profit earning of advertisements in their website instead of members satisfaction.

So be careful when you want to join any 100% free dating site. And there's why we're here to help those who are serious about dating.
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